About us

Reaching into the future while being firmly rooted in the past, the Beehive Wool Shop celebrated 100 years of continuous business in 2006!

During its century-long life, the Beehive Wool Shop family business has changed hands only four times - a historical stability that today enables it to do business with folks around the globe. This colourful, stacked-to-the-rafters retail outlet is located in a heritage building in beautiful downtown Victoria, BC. The Beehive Wool Shop's owner Valerie Huggett and her staff are always available to help you find the yarn, patterns or accessories you need for all your projects. You can also sign up for the latest classes, get help with a tricky set of instructions, or just sit and knit in comfort between errands.

A remarkable range of domestic and imported yarns (from the tried-and-true classics to the newest novelty choices) continues to arrive weekly -- yet one hundred years of warm hospitality and top-notch customer service hasn't changed a bit.

Come on in!