Learn to knit or crochet, or just touch up your skills

We offer Project Help at the Beehive 3 times a week, and ongoing classes for all levels!

If you get stuck on a project, our teachers are here to help! These help sessions are FREE for knitters who have purchased their materials at the Beehive. Project Help sessions are held 10:30-11:30 am and 12:30-1:30 pm on Tuesday; 10-11 am and 11 am-12 pm on Wednesday; 2-3 pm and 3-4 pm on Saturday. We ask that you preregister by phoning 250-385-2727, and sign up for only one session per week.
We offer classes and workshops regularly! For our classes, we require prepayment and a minimum enrollment of 4 students. Visit the shop or call 250-385-2727 to register today.
  • Making sense of short rows

    When you look at a new pattern and it says "clip and turn", does that send you into a panic?  Have you read "wrap and turn" and grasped the basic concept, bu...